Exposure Triangle Photography Guide

The exposure triangle is an essential tool for selecting the correct combination of camera settings, consisting of shutter speed, f-stop (controls aperture), and ISO, for any shooting situation. Shutter Speed, F-Stop & ISO each represent a point on the exposure triangle. Each noted setting also controls image brightness & visual image attributes such as motion blur, depth of field, [...]

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Aperture & Depth of Field Photography Guide

Learn the best depth of field photography settings for aperture, f-stop, and lens focal length, while mastering sharp focus and balancing the exposure triangle. In photography, aperture diameter, determined by f-stop, controls two important factors: Depth of Field (DOF) determines the closest and farthest objects in an image, both of which are in focus. The entire image between these [...]

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Color Theory Photography Guide

Learn the best color theory photography tips for mixing and displaying colors, in visually appealing combinations, known as color harmonies. Master camera techniques for shooting, and photo editing tips in Lightroom & Photoshop, while creating perfect color harmonies, with the following written and video color theory photography guide. Table of Contents Color Theory Photography VideoUnderstanding Color [...]

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Top 4 Reasons to Go Mirrorless with Phillip Blume It’s true: Gear doesn’t make the photographer. But it’s also true that the right gear can make your job a heckuva lot easier—and more fun! So after more than a decade amassing an arsenal of expensive DSLR cameras and lenses, our studio finally made [...]

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Best Photography Blogs in the World you must follow

We all need some inspiration from time to time. We similarly need to keep up with new technology that is constantly coming out. Whether you’re a beginner or professional photographer, reading photography blogs will keep you up to date on what is happening in the photography world. Choose a few blogs [...]

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