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Photography Workshops

The art of photography is a joy. Our passion to learn and share the art is the key reasons why we are here, as we continue to explore the natural world , the people and culture around us. Through photography, it opens the way to many like minded people around the world that we are connected to,

‚ÄčLet our experience and photography workshop launch your photography skill into a different orbit that teaches you how to look at the world in a different light and with a different heart.

Less equipment, less theory, more photography is our guiding philosophy.

Learn Photography step-by-step, Master your camera, develop your creative eye & grow your photography skills in niche areas.

ProPixer organizes various Photography and Image Editing workshops accross India, with more than 1500 members participated in more than 100 workshops in various cities like Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi, Gurgaon, Hyderabad, Pune

Basic Photography Workshop 2.0
Advance Photography Workshop
Digital Post Processing Workshop
Advance Photoshop Editing Workshop
Fashion Photography Workshop
Food Photography Workshop

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